ShowerMaxx, 5 Pack Teflon PTFE Thread Seal Tape

  • ►SHOWERMAXX PLUMBER'S TAPE, PROFESSIONAL PLUMBERS CHOICE - Our ShowerMaxx Plumber's Tape is No. 1 choice for all your plumbing needs, be it water or air pipes (PVC or metal like copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel), water sytems, plastic spool and shells, pipe fitters, and more.
  • ►LEAK PROOF SEAL - Our ShoweMaxx Plumber's Tape is made with quality non-sticky elastic material which is easy to apply. Just wrap the tape around any thread to create a leak proof seal. Best yet, there is no waiting for drying or curing. It goes on smooth without hardening or cracking.
  • ►HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL, THICK AND DENSE - Our ShowerMaxx Plumber's Tape is 0.075mm thick and 0.4mm density and with 1/2 inch wide it provides a strong, secure, tear- free, wide coverage on any pipe or fitting.
  • ►3 EASY TO STEPS TO APPLY SHOWERMAXX PLUMBER'S TAPE - Three easy steps to apply our sturdy ShowerMaxx Plumber's Tape: 1. Wrap the tape in clockwise direction around the male edge of the pipe. 2. Run the tape three or four times over the threads. 3. Break off by pulling and smooth the end with your fingers.
  • ►PEACE OF MIND LIFETIME WARRANTY – ShowerMaxx manufactures high quality premium products. Each Plumber's tape comes with a Peace-of-Mind Lifetime Warranty. Our friendly support team are on hand to take care of you if you have any question or for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please message us via Amazon.
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