Magimate Small Paint Rollers and Tray for Quick House Touch-ups and Minor Painting Projects (6-Pack)

  • Paint Roller Mini Kit contains: 3 Paint Rollers, 1 Roller Frame, 1 Paint Tray --- all 4 inch wide, and 1 piece of 1 1/2” inch angled Paint Brush.
  • Compact and Light: The small tray and roller brush set is a perfect size for house touch-ups, quick drywall repair, door paint, furniture stain, shed and fence, also arts and crafts. It fits small trim areas, hard to reach corners, and makes paint a breeze.
  • The Selected Roller Covers are highly absorbent and apply paint fast and smoothly, even on rough surface. 2 spare roller covers for more color application. Rolling sturdy and flexibly with Magimate 4 inch paint roller frame. Lint-free.
  • The Hand-held Small Paint Tray provides more convenient for quick painting projects. It is made from reinforced polypropylene, steady and easy to clean. The waved pattern surface makes the extra paint from the roller naps flow back to the paint pan easily to save paint.
  • The Angled Paint Brush gives precise cut-in lines for detail painting. The roller kit comes with the angled brush for your multiple purpose.
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