Buyplus 6-to-24 feet Light Bulb Changer Pole, Metal Telescopic Pole

  • 6-to-24 feet stretchable pole is made of duralumin, which is strong and durable. When the pole is too long, it is not easy to bend, and the bottom should be wrapped with soft rubber, which is more comfortable and has stronger grip. Multiple quick thumb buckles, strong locking mechanism, make the pole sturdy and sturdy, durable metal head, can be used for a longer time
  • light bulb changer pole can touch and replace the difficult-to-replace lights within Suitable for medium and large surface area LED lights, such as recessed lighting and flood lights; the combination can meet the installation and removal of most household lamps
  • suction cup is made of high-quality plastic, The bottom of the suction cup has a rotating button to help fix the suction cup on the rod. It also comes with a A rope with a length of 13 feet, a rotating button for fixing is attached to the bottom of the basket, and the key part has a rubber design
  • suction cup can be perfectly fitted to the key part of the lamp, rotated and taken out bulb,Pull the rope on the suction cup to release the pressure,Lamps that cannot be fixed by the suction cup, Can be put in a basket ,Plastic in the basket It helps to hold the bulb more firmly. this combination can meet the installation and removal of most household lamps
  • Buyplus is a company pursuing excellence quality and additional services to our products. We provide up to 1 year warranty service. While you are using the products, we are constantly optimizing product details as well. Your every valuable opinion is very precious to us, so if you have any questions, please let us know, we will provide you with the best quality service
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